Creating a snapshot of instance on EC2

A good article with detailed instructions can be found here.
I only had to change paths in ~/.bashrc. Instead of /root I used /home/ec2-user/.
I also excluded quotation marks in the lines with “echo” command.
I registered instance using Amazon web interface. The article describes how to do it using API as well. I created the script also with help from here.
I put into my /root/.bashrc the following lines:

export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=/mnt/keys/pk-(long string).pem
export EC2_CERT=/mnt/keys/cert-(long string).pem
export AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=(my account id)
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=(my AWS access key)
export AWS_SECRET_KEY=(my AWS secret key)

Script named has following lines:

# script makes a snopshot of instance, uploads it to AWS-S3 and registers it on AWS
mkdir -p /mnt/images/$1
ec2-bundle-vol -d /mnt/images/$1 -k $EC2_PRIVATE_KEY -c $EC2_CERT -u $AWS_ACCOUNT_ID
ec2-upload-bundle -b $1 -m /mnt/images/$1/image.manifest.xml -a $AWS_ACCESS_KEY  -s $AWS_SECRET_KEY
ec2-register $1/image.manifest.xml
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