Q/Kdb: using web browser to display kdb tables

Start your q session with:
q -p 5001
This will make q shell to be a web server listening on port 5001. In a web browser go to
The page will show all tables that you have in your environment!
If you are using rlwrap you can modify your ~/.bash_aliases file to put:
alias q32=’rlwrap -rc -l /home/iv7/hgdev/bitbucket.org/iv7/qlib/.rlwrap/.`date +%Y%m%d`.$RANDOM.log ~/q/q/l32/q -p 5001′
~/q/q/l32/q is where my q/kdb folder resides.
Now you can start q/kdb shell with:
It will be a web server.

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