Using Selenium with Python for Web Crawling

This is work in progress.
Selenium can be used as emulated web browser. PyVirtualDisplay emulates display. This 2 together can be used to
get information from web sites.
Installation on Ubuntu:
sudo easy_install Selenium
Install dependencies for PyVirtualDisplay on Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install -y --force-yes xvfb xserver-xephyr
Install PyVirtualDisplay:
sudo easy_install pyvirtualdisplay
Here is an example

def main():
  # instantiate and start virtual display
  display = Display(visible=0, size=(1024, 768))

  total_scrolls_per_page = 10

  # output file with scraped words will be here
  file_volley_fans_temp = open(OUT_FILE_STR, 'w+')
  log = open(LOG_FILE_STR, 'w')

  # instantiate virtual browser
  browser = webdriver.Firefox()

  # load page
  time.sleep(2) #seconds

  scroll_bottom(browser, total_scrolls_per_page)
  scrap_page(file_volley_fans_temp, log, browser)

  # flush buffers

  # remove "garbage" characters from output file using sed

  # put all words into a single column
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